This Game was created during and for the Juice Jam II - Theme: Pay the Price

Dive into the depths of Hell and experience a classic Reverse Bullet Hell Game with a Mix of Bullet Hell.
Play as a fallen angel seeking to return to the heavens, but be prepared to pay the price.
Use the souls of slain demons to upgrade your abilities, but beware, each upgrade comes with its own devilish cost.
Your journey will not be easy, as you must face Lucifer himself and defeat him to ascend to the heavens.


Key Features:

  • Reverse bullet hell gameplay with a storyline set in the underworld
  • Use the souls of slain demons to upgrade your abilities, but be careful of the consequences
  • Face off against the ultimate adversary, Lucifer, in an epic final battle
  • Juice

Are you ready to pay the price for your sins and face the challenges of Hell?


W/A/S/D or Arrow Keys : Move
Spacebar or RMB : Special Ability
Mouse : Aim


Lucas Zilke: Programming/Gamedesign
Juniper Dusk: Art
Alessandro Sicardi: Audio, Music, Voice Acting (Boss)
Baha Tan: Gamedesign
Seth Garben: Voice Acting (Lucifer)

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags2D, 3D, Atmospheric, Bullet Hell, Pixel Art

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