Dice Runner is a dice-based roguelite set in the cyberpunk dystopia of Neo Argos.

Take control of The Runner as he leads a group of rebels on a quest to take down the sinister Behemoth Cybernetics corporation.

Roll to advance on the game board and seek out Behemoth terminals, dodging traps anrecruiting new followers along the way.

Hack terminals in a dice-based minigame when you find them, and clear each sector of terminals to make your way through Neo Argos. 

Make your way to Behemoth Tower, and take those corpos down.



Interact : LMB Button



- Use Mozilla Firefox as Browser.


Lucas Zilke : Programming / Art / Game Design
Juniper Dusk : Pixel Art
Thimras : Audio / Music
Pat Cavanaugh : Writing
Rosia: UI Design / Art
Morgan: UX Design

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