Despondotron: Departing the Desolate Dino Disk is a top-down shooter about a very sad robot on a planet full of dinosaurs.

Name your despondent droid, and then step into their metal shoes to fight off deadly dinos, upgrade their abilities, and repair their ship's radio so they can call Mission Control for an extraction.

Failed a run or not happy with your time? No problem! Try, try again, and feel pride as your miserable mechadroid climbs the leaderboards.

Your robot will never escape the cruel, cold melancholy of existence. But will you help them escape the dino planet?



Move: WASD

Aim: Mouse Cursor

Interact: LMB



  • Turn on Audio for Voice Overs.
  • Use Mozilla Firefox as Browser.




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WASD to move not working in web build

Hello Marvin the Paranoid Android

Team had a lot of fun with this one xD